Only the third Page Title 3 will be interpreted by the browser. CSS Comments. Consecutive Single line comment Using Multi-line string as comment Consecutive Single line comment. They are not displayed by the browser. Page Title 2 Page Title 2 Next, FactorPad is an independent California-based firm Comments are ignored by the compiler. Comments are ignored by the interpreter. The tags will be treated as comment and will be completely ignored by the browser. Python does have a multiline string/comment syntax in the sense that unless used as docstrings, multiline strings generate no bytecode-- just like #-prepended comments.In effect, it acts exactly like a comment. blocked off as a comment. title tags. Page Title 2 --> Comments do not nest which means a comment cannot be put inside another comment. Q: How to code HTML input text multiline? For a single-line comment, you have to write two forward slashes: //. characters. The tags. See the code if you do this mistake. Here, we have the same scenario except we added a comment to You must also make sure that there are no spaces in the start-of comment string. --> You can even comment out … alert ("Hello World!") The Double slash(//) and hash(#) gives you single line comment and text inside the /* and */ gives you multi-line comment. Syntax In this example, we have three "work in progress" page them. ; allowEmptyLines... if true, it allows empty lines around content.If you want to disallow multiple empty lines, use no-multiple-empty-lines (opens new window) in combination. Comments are not displayed by any browser. Page Title 2 For example, the following lines are comments. Comments are used to explain the code, and may help when you edit the source code at a later date. Learn to make multi-line comments with this HTML comment tag example. / html comment tag. Multi line comment --> . So far we have seen single line comments, but HTML supports multi-line comments as well. JavaScript comment block starts with two symbols: /*. VB.Net does not technically support multi-line comments. Some of are:-Nested comment is invalid; Space not allowed in open and tag close- You must also make sure that there are no spaces in the start-of comment string. Comments help you and others understand your code and increases code readability. You can comment multiple lines by the special beginning tag placed before the first line and end of the last line as shown in the given example below. comment1 comment2 comment3 ''' print ("Hello World") Answer: For multiline text, you need to use a